Is Real Estate SEO still a big thing to get new leads?

I recently had my website created and the company is offering to provide SEO services as well. Is it still as big in the real estate agency as maybe a few years ago?

I just started my SEO journey with my lead generating website so it’s still early for me. I guess I will find out in about 6-12 months. I am slowly climbing the ranks.

SEO is still one of the best customer acquisition strategies for locally-focused businesses. You can reach prospective customers and clients by targeting users that are searching in your local area. Optimize your locally focused business website with local keywords to increase your visibility in local search.

SEO is a good long term strategy. It takes awhile to build authority though so if you are after quick wins then paid advertising is the best approach. If you have the capacity to start investing in some SEO without needing an immediate payoff then I think that is a good move.

I agree with Don. SEO works.

It is great, but it takes time in a competitive market. I’m jut now getting organic leads after about 13 months in metro Atlanta. Its either expensive or time consuming.