Is My Contract Marketable?

I buy single family homes and sell them using lease / purchase contracts.
Is this a marketable contract? If so, briefly explain the steps of the sale.

I am sure not understanding your question or intent. Are you wanting to sell only the contract on the house, and not the house?

Maybe if you explain someone will be able to answer you.


He’s asking for a step-by-step process for selling assignable contracts. I think the wholesaling forum might be more appropriate for this question.


I get it. Thanks.


Thanks guys! I’ll try the wholesaling forum.

I might have been a little quick. To answer your question, a contract is assignable or marketable unless stated differently in the contract. You can put a property under agreement and then sell your position. I can’t help with the specifics since I don’t participate in this kind of deal. There are people in the wholesaling forum who do and will probably be able to provide you with forms.