Is Metro Detroit a good place for RE investing?

I am a new investor seeking to get started. i have invested out of state and it caused many headaches as I have a FT job. I was looking to invest locally in the Metro Detroit area, but there are tons of homes for sale and with the auto industry/manufacturing layoffs, not sure if this would be a good place to invest. Any leads on where to find good neighborhoods to invest in? :-\

There’s a few MI investors on here. They say SFH almost always have a strong rental market. It’s one of the few areas you can cash flow if you find good deals. With the high # of foreclosures, there should be good deals.

I used to live in Royal Oak so I’m familiar with the area.

hi am from detroit and i buy bank own home i been investing to buy and hold for 3 year now i own 3 and just got a offer accepted yesterday.the area i buy in are so so

  1. payed 13,000 and 4000(repair) rented 575
    2)payed 18,000 and 6000(repair) rented 600
    3)payed 40,000 and 4000(repair) rented 650
    you can find good home just dont over pay for them

Which side of Detroit do you recommend?N,S,W,E?