Is it worth the money?

I have a few homes I want to put under contract. I am having a tough time finding the value on these homes. Two of them located in two different cities are really hard to run comps on. I want to be able to find the value on my own. The subject properties does not match any of the comparable properties in no way at all. Nothing matches the target in the surrounding area. Year built, sold date is very old, square feet, distance, bedrooms, and bathrooms are completely different from the target properties. I want to be able to adjust the value on homes I want to wholesale like appraisres do. It is worth having to keep paying appraiser fees or hunting agents to help me arrive at a value?

Well I would find a good investment-friendly agent to help you run comps.

Otherwise, where are you pulling your comps from? I would be nervous about a property I could not find solid comps for. And if your buyers can’t find solid comps then you’re going to be stuck with it.

Agents are not helpful at all. The only way they would help is if I am buying properties from them. If not, they see no use to help me because they don’t get paid if I don’t buy. That’s just it. I am not the one buying the properties. I am flipping contracts to buyers. Once agents find that out they will not want to help.

Another way is to find wholesalers in the area. They should know what the numbers should know what the numbers should be to get the deal done. You can split the assignment fee, or have the wholesaler add his fee on top of yours. I also have a deal in a similar situation as yours. Try google and craigslist to find them.


Have you ran the property adress on the search bar on ? It’s not perfect but it can give you a guideline. Another way ios to use the software found at it costs $37 for the first 30 days, but it’s an awesome tool.

I would find other investors in that area. If they are buyers ask them what they would buy it for and minus your assignment fee.

Have you tried this before? How would I approach a wholesaler to do this for me?

I have typed the address in Zillow, but the zestimates were coming in too high. Like you said it’s not perfect. That is the main reason why I don’t trust Zillow. I found another site It is supposed to be an accurate way to get home values. I have to say the information from this site does seem to have more detail compared to Zillow and others like it. Getmyhomesvalue even provides owner’s name unlike Zillow.

This is sure to work?