Is it still bird dogging if you are not assigning the property to an investor?

Help. I am brand-new, motivated and have no money or credit to start. Because of my present state, I am concidering bird dogging. My question is how do I do it. Keep in mind you have to spell it out for me. I know some one who is looking for a home. my “plan” : I want to find a motivated seller sign a Contract of Sale and then reassign it. Also, how binding is a Contract of Sale if I cannot find a buyer, am I stuck?So, Is it still bird-dogging if you are not assigning the property to a investor? Also, If I can do this please tell me how.

I know ther are lots of question in there. I appreciate the help. Thank you.

Technically, bird dogs don’t sign for any property – they just point them out to their buyers (thus the name). All a bird dog does is find out what the buyer(s) is looking for, seeks out and indentifies potential properties, and then passes the INFORMATION to the investor for a pre-determined fee.


Thank you.

Bird dogs don’t assign properties. If yo are motivated enough to hunt down some bargain basement properties, then take it a step further and negotiate the sale with the seller, get the contract signed, then find a buyer for your contract!

Wholesalers make a whole lot more than bird-dogs just by following through with the deal.

Good Luck!! WIth enough determination, you’ll do just fine.

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