Is it Possible??????? Need Help Yesterday

here is the scenario.

I have a company in which I would like to take onto the public venue for a reverse merger.
I have a shell corporation which I have found at a true value which is empty of assets and liabilities and no legal battles which is trading now. This shell is undervalued and has little reverse splitting history to it. It has 4 Market makers on it now with a history of having as many as 9 at one time.

I can purchase this shell for 125K and this would allow myself to merge my comapny into it with a filing to do so. Then it is also elgible to for a filing of the 504 for raising of capital of 1 Million without SEC regulatory stipulations for the first 12 months. This is elgible for this 504 in 3 weeks.

I was curious if anyone knows of a lender who would do a loan on buying control of the shell with the public controlling block being held as collateral with an interest only and balloon payment in 12 months and limited if any at all prepayment penalty as I would file the 504 then get the marketmakers to move the Price per share to raise the capital back for corporate to pay the loan back and be long and hold with a comrporation into a shell???

I have an attorney who used to work for the SEC as a board member as soon as I go public as he will do legal work and sit on the board committee for shares as he likes the concept and business plan.

I would be willing to discuss many venues of equity partnerships as for part of the loan payment as well or allow them to hold a board seat of directors until such payment is returned to them.

I have the manufacturing facilities and product line to go national as well as 3 companies willing to sell and merge into this public venue for a small buyout and shares in the company in ratio of cashflow earnings that they are alredy generating. These 3 companies all compliment my industry and would easily merge in with SEC approval and are self sufficent now.

Anyone with some input or assistance on putting this altogether I would gladly like to hear it. As it is only 125K needed to do this.

I’m not sure there’s a true real estate issue here, but your letter does provide a great contrast. You found
a shell corporation with NO assets that you can buy for
125k. That sounds like a real stock-market bargain.
Good luck in your venture.

The real estate issue in this is NOT land or homes per se…

This does have value though. This issimilar to speculative lots. The only difference is there is no tangible asset attached to the value and it is a certificate of shares and corporation growth.

People who know the shell game tend to venture into real estate and vice versa. It is is in the investing neighborhood which I am seeeking some help for the obtaining of financing which happens to fall out of the REALM OF CONVENTIONAL PROCESSES

Well you are asking the right question just in the wrong arena

this is a real estate forum for financing realestate.

I can still steer you in the right direction though

you need a CAPITAL VENTURIST or ANGEL please look up this on the web or other business related areas

Capital venturist specialize in this type of stuff.

Venture Capitalists is the polite and political correct name for Vulture capitalists. ;D

They usually want their money back in a short time frame (which is easy to accomadate), they want a high interest or rate of return (understandavle and easy as well to guarntee with large collateralization), they want the 30-40% equity in the venture as well ([b][/b]This is where the issue becomes negative and almost legalized robbery)

I have no trouble giving the high rate return short term high points with a short term for balloon payment and giving say 5% of corporate shares in restricted shares after filing a form 144 to do so and they can hold the shares of controlling factor of the company in escrow with a transfer agent and no titled name on the certs till paid in full and I have the legal rights to “actiing” Ceo/president until such payments have been done to release them to myself. This would entitle me to do business as usual and grow the asset base of the shell as well as merge my company into it and file the 504 for capital growth raising.



Well I also stated that you can contact and Angel they don’t charge that much and they have all kinds of different charges just like PI or HML they all different.

What about also getting a SBA loan for your business. that is also another idea