Is it possible for me to get into commercial right now?

Apartment complexes and hotels.

I have a lender that will finance up to 75% based on the income of the property in question.

This means, I would need the seller (or someone else) to finance the remaining 25%.

Is it even possible to make money this way?

Probably two years ago, Javipa told me he sends letters to local complex owners asking if they would finance.

Is it possible for me to buy properties listed on LoopNet and TotalCommercial and, if I can somehow get the financing done, to make a profit even with all those loan payments?

If I said that, I misspoke. I don’t use blunt force trauma like that with creative offers. I would ease into it, after I had qualified the seller first, and then presented the offer terms as a benefit to the seller.

Meantime, you’re asking at least three questions at once.

The answers all depend on the price you’re paying, what repairs are needed, what potential increase in rents exists, and the terms of the financing.

Otherwise, you may have 100% financing up front on a poorly-performing building, and the cash flow would likely be negative, and likely be the reason you achieved 100% financing in the first place.

Of course, a good investor would address the negative cash flow and overcome it in his negotiations …or somehow plan to deal with it as it comes.

There’s an axiom that all professional investors follow, and that is you want your price, or you want your terms. Or a combination that compensates for one, or the other.

The more dysfunctional the property is, the more likely that the seller must help with the financing, in order to attract a buyer, and/or get his price.


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