Is it much better than school?

Learning all there is to know about being a successful real estate investor sounds much better than school in my opinion. Too bad that they didn’t teach this stuff when I was in school. School teaches students the skills and knowledge to be slaves to some 9 to 5 J.O.B for the rest of their years rather than learning how to escape the rat race. Investing just seems more motivating.

Depends on what your going to school for, and … school is useful in alot of cases because you dont want to be a idiot who doesnt know math/writing english skills. But no, you absolutley do not need college to be successful, but you do need to be DRIVEN. Come on boy…

Those 3 are the only MAIN skills I consider worth learning. I learned the hard way college is not all that. By the way, please don’t call me boy.

Are you female?

I’m not female or boy.

Somebody has questions about their … well… their “personal self.”

Thats okay, move to San Fransico for a while until you figure it out bud. Good luck to you!

LOL. I’m just fooling with you Hoosie. I’m a dude.

Im just messin’ too :bobble lol

Schools are just ideal places to sit on. They dont depict the true pictures of professional life. Unless you have practical experience how would you face the world? :argue