is it just me or what?

Is it just me or this real estate investor business is getting to popular…Everywhere i go i see people either building new houses or buying these houses thats in foreclosure and fixing them up…and it is also somebody new everyday talking about they about to start investing in real estate…wow all this means is more comp but im not worry about all of that because i have a good enough stragey for my business but i just had to get this off my chess…

Not just you…Folks are starting to realize that investing in real estate is the way to go. But don’t fear the competition. Many will fade due to bad investment strategy, and lack of desire and knowledge. Just make sure you have a plan and don’t just buy to buy. MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK…This will seperate you from most investors. Your being on this site will give you a leg up on many. Ensure you utilize this site and its recommendations to the max. If you have any questions post them here and you will have the best free education you can get. Also, try to find other investors in your area and learn from them as well. Most people want to share the tools of trade. They realize that theres enough to go around for everyone…Stay positive, set goals, do your homework before you buy, be disciplined and never cease in educating yourself and you will do great…YOU CAN DO IT!!!

It has really picked up here in Denver Colorado as well I now have more competition then ever… And I love it… It keeps me on my toe’s…There are enough deals for everybody!!! just have fun with it!!!

Both REO and REIMONEYMAKER hit the nail on the head. There are a lot of people out there that think they are investors. Bottom line is the thing that seperates them from you will be your education education education and your NETWORK. REO is right. You NETWORTH is directly tied to your NETWORK. Hang out here and you will get the advisors you need. Also, there is a difference between an investor and a sophisticated investor. Often times you will find yourself finding deals that belong to so-called investors that didn’t do something right. That is where you come in and “fix it” and try to create a win-win for everyone. By the way, this is a beautiful business. If you do come across someone that tried to get in and had a bad deal…help them, educate them and bring them in (if they are good people). I can’t stand when someone walks a way because not everything went exactly the way they thought it would. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this business. Help others and you will be rewarded. I hope my 2 cents counts!
Successful Investing,