is it illegal for a RE agent to search mls for me?

Okay, I’m getting a headache trying to figure out how to run comps without searching the MLS. I can see now that if I am going to be doing this often, I’d much rather pay somebody to do it for me.

Can I approach a real estate agent and offer them a fee to search the MLS for comps? If so, what should I do, run an add asking for help?

Advice is appreciated.


As a licnesed RE agent/investor i can say it is NOT illegal as long as you have an agreement in writing with the QB (qualifying broker) assuming he is just a sales associate… His boss needs to be ok with this first and they need to sort out the split (fees your paying them)… does this help? :beer

Absolutely! Thank you.

So, should I just go straight for the broker and work something out with him? What would be a reasonable price to pay for such a service? I mean, with their knowledge of working the MLS it couldnt take more than ten minutes to find me a few comps and print em out, right?

Simply find an Agent to network with. Consider them as your exclusive listing or buyers agent - they’d be more than happy to help you with comps. Take the time to find one that thinks outside the box and is willing to do what it takes to help get the deals done.