Is it HOT DOG time?

I went to my local Outdoors store the other day and noticed a Hot Dog cart out front so of course my kids had to stop. While ordering them a hot dog I got to talking to the guy who owned the cart. He was telling me he makes 100k+ a year selling hot dogs. Now I know that sounds crazy so I checked into this today AND WOW it is highly possible.

So here is my situation I have been in REI now sense I was 20 and am now going to be 31 next month. I own my share of properties and cash flow really well. I am now thinking about selling each and every house that I own and putting all of the money into a high interest account. That would give me enough $$ to live a very comfortable lifestyle. Enough to never worry about anything again. From there I would buy this really cool Hot Dog cart and sell hot dogs Downtown. Talk about a stress free lifestyle here is your hot dog there are the condiments and have a great day.

Is this a good idea?

With Greenspan retiring, Tax benefits for owning possibly going way down what do you think is this a good move?

Everyone has to make a decision in their life. If you want to be a wiener man, I say go for it! :slight_smile: :banana: ← We need a running hot-dog. :slight_smile:

You’re in the rare position of being able to do whatever you want for a living. Most people try to balance fulfilling with pays well, but you don’t have to. Go 100% fulfilling.

Is hot dog guy gonna fulfill you? If so, gimme one with mustard and onions. But I think you would be bored pretty quick. $100k a year. Who cares, you dont need it. Pick something that pays zip but you would love.

You’re in CO. Do you fly fish? Be a guide. Do you ski? Be an instructor. Like hiking? Make a cool 15k as a forest ranger. You could do volunteer work. Teach. Help people in so many ways. Or maybe make sculptures out of beer caps? Whatever you want.

Shlep hot dogs? Bla.


p.s. In fact, if after busting your butt, becoming so successful and building all these assets you bail out to become a hot dog guy, I’m just gonna have to march over there and kick ya square in the jimmies (after I get mine with mustard and onions, that is). :wink:

Hey Robb, I thought you already were a “Hot Dog”. ;D

(I mean this in a nice way, Dog! Isn’t that what Randy Jackson calls everybody - “Dog”?)

Anyway, I hope you have chili and onions, and lots of napkins. We’re messy.

Let me be “frank” with you…

Maybe this is a good training ground for the kids.
You know, develop the entrepreneurial spirit early, and
learn to make it big, without busting their “buns”.

I’m sure you would “relish” their success.

Then they could really Take A Mentor To Lunch!

…and I can’t believe you ragged on me because you thought I called you a “chicken licker”!

Just wait…this opens a whole new realm of possibilities!



Yeah I put a little more thought into this wonderful idea and thought maybe it is not so wonderful! So now what I do not want to sell Hot Dogs and I can’t be a Firetruck! Where else can you make as much as you do in REI without the risk?

…and let me guess…you have $17.92 in the bank and a credit score of 392…?


Yeah Keith so how do I get started? LOL that is me well except I have no bank account and my credit score is so low it will not report! That is me to a tee! LOL

Howdy Robb:

You would be board as an air traffic controller. Just keep on doing what you have told me you were doing. If you even do 10% of what you bragged about you would be off the charts. Even Donald himself would take notes. How many hundreds of thousands of copies 0f your book have you sold? LOL