Is it Good to buy Shipping Container homes?

I’m thinking to buy container home for my farm house so where can I buy I should contact Indian container homes or any international container homes builders.also for my form container home is best or can I make it farm house? plz some one suggest me

What I would do first is determine if the quality of living arrangement of a container is suitable for the area. I would also determine if the quality of person that would accept that type of housing is going to be the type of tenant that I want to deal with.

That just sounds like a management headache waiting to happen.

It’s like managing a building full of bachelor apartments, only worse.

He’s talking about doing it in India. That may be like a mansion to them.

Perhaps he has been watching HGTV…TINY HOUSES are the rage right now.

Shipping containers are in lots of their shows now-a-days.