Is it a good or bad idea to use a broker to find houses

I thought I found a good deal a house for 70000 w/FMV of 120000, BUT the house was really 99000 and had a FMV of 100000-110000. Not so good but she offerd to show me some other houses has anyone done this im still not shure if I want to bird dog or wholesale is it possable to do either w/a broker?
Thank You

It is a good idea to use a realtor to help find houses, in addition to whatever other methods you use. Why would you limit your options?



Find a young/new agent who understands what you want to do and is cool with it. Some realtors are too old school to think outside the normal bull of 10% down, 5% earnest money, bank mortgage, etc. Find one that will search for properties that meet your goals. Then, if you also find ones that don’t meet your goals, you can flip those leads to the agent. Everyone wins, and hopefully one of you can solve the seller’s problem.

It is smart to use realtor to find deals, you should have one realtor that you trust to pull comps, and put together deals that you find on your own (listed). You should also talk to as many realtors as possible and let them know what you are looking for and what you intend to do, plant as many seeds as possible, also give them a business card so they can get ahold of you later when a good deal does come up.

Eric Medemar