Is Georgia the toughest state?

If states were going to dual it out in the ring, no holds barred, who would win?

I think it would be Georgia. Other real competators are Kansas, and Missouri.

California and Florida would be eliminated right off the bat. Same thing with Hawaii.

It would be no surprise that Illinois and New York just do not have what it takes either

Texas would come out of the gate full steam ahead but we all know Texas can not keep up

Not like Georgia. Its a lean and mean fighting machine. A fighting state. Nobody messes with GA.

I would go with California since it has 12 million more people than the next largest state.

I think it is St. Louis. St. Louis might not be ideal for a property owner looking to profit, it is one of the best cities for aspiring millennial homeowners.

C’mon, Texas is big and hot and pretty much every bug or animal is trying to bite or sting you… heck, even the plants. Most people don’t last a summer here. Just sayin…

I’d through Colorado into the mix. It’s gorgeous, sick mountains and hiking. Denver has been a well-know great city for a while but with the weed boom it really took off. Still affordable in some spots but others have taken off. Potential for cashflow and appreciation!