Is everybody you know on the REI bandwagon?

I know two people who just joined the real estate field, including my own sister.

Is this like the “in” thing to do? I seems so tempting, where else can you put in investment that will return 20% up in profit in such amount of time? Escpecially in the hot market zone like Cali.

Everybody I know wants to be I guess its the in thing! I kinda like it at least i am not selling fire proff candles!!

Not that there isn’t anything wrong with that, heck I’m here! I’m just wondering if the RE market is oversaturated.

Well at least in Cali. :-[

Cali. now that is a area I do not know about! but they say that 6 out of ten people want to get involved and with calis huge population I guess there would be a ton of people!

1 in 8 Americans live in California according to some article I read. (Sorry, can’t remember where I read it.) Lost of people in Cali.

I got my license recently. However, I got it because I felt it would help educate me and make me a better investor. I own no investment property in Cali though. Was just too damn steep for me to get started.

However, now that I have some more knowledge and experience, I would probably have started flipping here. Hindsight…

Yup California is a bit saturated. BUT, you can still find decent deals. Eg., I am selling my home in Sacramento FSBO which is a steal to bay area buyers who are looking to move out of an extremely overpriced market. My home (4bd, 2bath) is only two years old and is priced below a bay area 1bd condo!

But a little luck does go a ways