Is divorcing seller giving me a line of B.$. ??

Seller says she HAS to sell home before the divorce is finalized. I’ve read of others taking the homes of divorcees sub to so I know they do not HAVE to sell it but I dont know how to possibly change her way of thinking.

It’s in her name only but he’s the 1 living in it now. She listed for 335k 5 months ago & just dropped it to 310 recently. I said “if i can close in 10 days all cash, what would be the lowest offer you would take?” ‘I just want to net 100k she says’ loan bal is 129k [bought for 140k 6 years ago] & she says home ‘needs 15k to make immaculate.’

310-129-100-15=66K equity if it would sell for that. She’s offering to sell at 79% of present listing price.

How would you alter/structure the deal & negotiate with the seller to make it attractive for you?

And how do i get around this HAVE to sell line?

Marriage and divorce do strange things to real estate. It looks like having to sell before the divorce would work for you and not against you. Gives her more pressure to sell. Always offer less than they want to start. If she says she needs $100 to get out just simply ask what the real bottom dollar fast sell as is get the dead beat husband out for her price is. Keep in mind if you are in Texas that it is a community property State and most likely title companies will want his name on the deed too even if she aquired the property prior to marriage. As you know divorce is tough for egos and emotions. If you can show her that you are sincerely trying to help you can get a better deal for yourself. Just a few thoughts and hope they help

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I suppose it’s possible that the decree requires property sale to pay off mutual debts, but I haven’t run across that before.

How much is the property actually worth? And how do you get 79%? Isn’t she asking 229k against 310k? What am I missing here?

Heck, if it’s a decent deal, which it appears to be on the surface, why worry about the “have to” part? Find someone with funds and take it down.

Either way, please report back as this one has me curious…

2 different things…

Find out the real have to’s…

Find out if they are amicable enough to be in the same room…

If not find out which one is willing to deed there interest to the other…

From what you have said… I would figure out how to get the husband out the picture and out of the house… Quit Claim for some Cash…

I would negotiate with her with all or most of the 100k later on down the line… There is a hot button on how much cash she needs now… I assure You… that she is willing to take to get the deal done… Now…

Find that number, get the husband squared and a deal squared you’ll have.

David Alexander