Is birddogging illegal in TX?

Is birddogging illegal in Texas? I’m new to this. I was wanting to get started in birddogging in wise county area, any suggestions. I know of 2 homes in my area but don’t know what to do?? :smiley:

Howdy Dreamlandworld:

30 to live I believe is the penalty for biddoggong. I could get 20 just for spelling the word wrong. If hangng were still legal you may be hung on the spot without a trial.
The politics of this question suck. It is illegal to sell real estate without a license and the laws are severe. You could lose your license that you do not have for one. There could be fines and perhaps probation etc. You do not want to sell real estate without a license unless you own it.

The question is: Is a Birddog selling real estate. Is your sign in the yard. Are you advertising a house for sale in the MLS or local paper? Are you meeting mom and pop at the liquor store and getting them drunk and driving them to 40 houses before they finally find a house. Selling houses as a Realtor is a full time job and is a very well respected profession.

There are several services on the Net that sell leads. I get 8 to 10 everyday that let me know of a house for sale in my area and for $25 I can get their name and address etc. This is not selling real estate either.

There are two sides to every argument and both sides will blow it out of proportion to make the other side look more quilty or innocent.

The is nothing wrong with being an employee and helping an investor look for houses to buy. They can pay you hourly, on a salary or by the deal as a employee with a w2, or as a subcontractor with a 1099.

If you have a big enough fee and do enough deals you may want to buy the house as a principal and then sell the house to your buyer. If this is ever questioned in court then we will all be looking behind us for the flashing lights or even a noose as we will all be considered as low as a horse thief was in the OLD West.