Is Bird dogging for real?

I’ve read several posts over the last few days about Bird-dogging. Most of them are from people new to it. It sounds like a good idea to me and I am tempted to buy the $Cash$ book but have a few questions.

Has anyone on this board made a few successful bird dog deals?
How did they go?
Did it take 5,10,20,30… Prospective deals to find one that worked out?
Does anyone in the Houston area need a new bird dog?

I currently set my own hours and am seeking something productive ($$$) to fill up my otherwise non-productive time. I’m investigating real estate investment ideas that may work for me. What I like about this idea is that the risk is low enough to get a feel for how things work without getting in trouble.

Any comments?


Welcome to the board! :mrgreen:

I won’t be much help for your questions, but I did want to suggest it may be worthwhile to post a “Need a Houston Bird-Dog?” thread in the I Have/I Want Forum.

Also, you might try RICH, the local investment club. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of folks interested in your services. More info is here…

I’ve paid some folks over the years for their assistance in bringing me deals, but I’ve never been a bird-dog so I can’t help there.

One thing you may want to consider is how you define “bird-dog”. Recently, as you probably know if you’ve been reading newsgroups, there’s been a good deal of discussion on whether or not one should be licensed to accept fees for providing leads.

In my opinion, this isn’t a big deal, but perhaps it’s something worth checking into. The easiest way to avoid the issue is to actually become a principal in the deal. However, I consider that to be the definition of a wholesaler. I assume there’s some middle ground where you technically are a wholesaler, but acting more in a bird-dog capacity.

Anyway, as I said, I’m not sure this issue is worthy of comment, but since I took some heat today for not considering it to be significant, I figured I’d mention it to you. Prior to this week, I’ve never heard anyone mention any real concerns about this. So, I guess this is my attempt to disclose potential risks you may need to research.

I agree it can be a good way to learn the biz with minimal risk. Hopefully, you’ll get some better responses from experienced bird-dogs…

Jay Herrick,

Glad to meet you.

There is not a course or book written that I know of that gaurantees success in any area of real estate investing to any individual.

It is up to the person with the course or book in their hands as to what they do with it that counts in the long run.

It is pretty much recognized that buying houses is a numbers game. There are investors that close 3 out of 10 sellers, then there are investors that close 8 out of 10 sellers and of course there are investors that never find a deal and give up.

This is why I say it is up to the individual as to how successful they become, why set your goals and standards by what someone else does, the true champion sets his own goals and standards.

If you like the idea of No Fear, No Liability and No Money (well a little) then Bird Dogging may be for you. In my opinion it is an excellent way to start, learn by doing and get paid for doing.

John $Cash$ Locke

PS: Tim, and a fine job you did with your posts, remember that thread is like yesterdays newspaper.

“If you like the idea of No Fear, No Liability and No Money (well a little) then Bird Dogging may be for you.”

Yikes! I guess it’s not for me.

I understand risk vs. reward but I also know that I have a tendency to jump into things first and figure them out as I go along.

Winding up with propertie(s) that are money losers isn’t something I’m excited about so I thought this may be a good learning tool without the painful sting of loosing a few grand or more. I still think it may be a good way to learn the ropes but maybe if I study more (I’ve only been looking at real estate investing for a couple of weeks) I’ll find some other ways to get started.

My big worry is buying 2-3 properties and not being able to sell, lease, or rent them at all. It won’t take very long to burn through more money than I care to add up. :flush Bird dogging will make that someone else’s problem but as you pointed out when things go good they will also be the ones cashing the BIG checks :mrgreen:

Back to the drawing board.


Jay Herrick,

You are the one that must decide the best way to start creative real estate investing, however I would say get the basics down first no matter what investing method you choose to start your career.

I would advise not to figure it out as you go along in this business, there are some variables that may not let you figure it out until it is to late.

There are many good courses that will guide you in the direction you choose, then posting your questions here will bring you up to speed with some of the pro’s guiding you along.

Great investing Jay,

John $Cash$ Locke


Don’t go back to the drawing board to quick. I am looking for a Bird Dog for the Harris county area. I have a reasonable amount of experience and don’t feel that the investor should walk away with the huge paychecks. I would like to talk to you and share some ideas on the type of deals I am looking for and the type of deals you can find.

Shawn and Amanda Walsh
Helping Hand Investors


Glad to meet you.

Seems like all the young ones all want to start out as pro investors, when with a little time and watching what the real investors do this can make all the difference in the world.

You are looking for a Bird Dog and I am pretty sure you would not have a problem helping them along the way. From your post you do not have a problem showing your appreciation $$$$$ wise either.

Everyone wants to fly the plane, but no one wants to take the lessons. :roll:

John $Cash$ Locke


I say, “Hit The Road Running”. With over 1,000 foreclosures a month in Harris county the more feet on the street the better. I’m not a professional investor, but I know how to work the pre-foreclosure market in Houston. It’s a simple concept, split the market into a few territories, find a few individuals you can trust, provide them with the best leads available, and your belly to belly with more sellers than working alone. I’m sure this a concept that has been tried before, for many it has worked, for a few it has not. I think it is all about trust and having access to the right resources. There are simply to many deals in Houston in foreclosure to try to contact them alone.

Let me know what you think.

Shawn and Amanda Walsh
Helping Hand Investors


I have worked with Bird Dogs for as many years as I can remember. I trained them on what I needed, then trained the ones that wanted to progess forward with their careers as private investors.

Some of the more successful ones that worked with me became millionaires doing creative real estate investing yet started as Bird Dogs.

Why wouldn’t an investor want as many leads as he can handle that the Bird Dog provides. Why wouldn’t a Bird Dog want to learn the business and get paid for doing it.

Sounds like a true win/win situation to me. I hope you find some people who want to work with you, it sounds like you can get the job done.

John $Cash$ Locke

I used to think (FLIPPER) was a fish! (BIRD DOGGING) is just a way to learn the roaps inexpensively. Find a (MENTOR) who will be willing to split the deals you find and close on, until you feel comfortable working on your own! Locate the rein in your area! Try to make all the meetings you can. Ask questions,then shut-up and listen!
You will be surprised as to how many people will help you! joehagan222