Is AZ A Good Place To Invest In Apartments

I have been hearing alot of negative feedback on AZ commercial properties. Especially apartments! I have seen alot of deals out there with high cape rates and I was just wondering is it a high risk right now because of job loss and decrease in population because of the new immigration law. I would think there is big potential in some of these deals. Has anyone out there recently purchased any apartments complexes in AZ in the last couple months.

Hi! as you have mentioned about the AZ properties there are lots of fuss round there. It has bring down its cape rates.But i will suggest you to invest because Real Estate is growing day by day. :coolBut the choice is your :bs its a just a suggestion. :smile

I’m not in your market, so I can’t give you a definitive answer, however I know AZ is high in foreclosures right now. So where are all of those former homeowners going to live after they lose their houses? Apartments.

Depends on the city in AZ…Each area will be different.

Have same opinion, really completely depend on the city.

In Tuscon alone, mortgage rates has increased plus the increase in home prices has resulted to increase in the demand for rental property. Arizona is a huge state, so different areas also have different demand rate for apartment.