Is anyone involved in rental arbitrage on here?

Im from a software engineering firm considering building an application that automates, streamlines and alleviates the pain points (for both parties) involved in rental arbitrage. Without going into too much detail, we seek feedback from people who are or have ever been involved in rental arbitrage (Arbitrageur or Property owner).

We aim to assess the market size and isolate the major pain points.

We are unbiased as our goal is to understand this market aspect better while conducting our market research. From reading and participating in other forum posts, we know people here have firm opinions against property arbitrage and were interested in understanding how we can simplify the process for those inclined.

If you are interested in having your say, please fill out the survey below; sharing your experiences so we can learn more is greatly appreciated.


To those whom I have directly messaged and who have already completed the survey, thank you for your participation. The information you have provided so far has been beneficial.