Is Anyone Having Luck with Probate

Is anyone actually doing any good going after probate properties?

I’ve been going to the courthouse and getting the probate files for the past few months. I’m sending letters to the executor or independent administrators and the heirs. I’m offering to discuss the sale of any property they may be dealing with in the estate. I’m sending to estates that list RE of any value.

Does this work for anyone? Is there a better stategy? I’m trying to find my first deal.

Are you from J G Banks probate class?

My action plan for April is going after probate deals.

I am also curious to find out if you are targeting will County courthouse? Is it easy to go there and get the records? ::slight_smile:



I find my probate deals listed on the MLS. There is usually little interest in the properties by the heirs so there may be a deal to be had.

I have picked up 3 properties like this in the last 20 months.

Have your agent search the MLS to include the word probate or estate in the description. If they are there, they pop right up. (Don’t knock it til you tried it.) :slight_smile:

I just contracted on one this week!