Is Anyone Going to This?

“One Weekend could make you a Millionaire”

(Thats what the top line Reads in the Ad)

Real Estate Wealth Exp at the LA Convention Center

Sat April 30th and Sun May 1st


70 Seminars, 100’s booths, etc

Speakers: Donald Trump, Rober Kiyosaki, Albert Lowry, Magic Johnson, Harv Eker and others. . .

Prices are from$29 to $299 it says.

Just wondering if anyone has ever gone to one of these Events, OR are you planning to go to this one?

Is sounds really interesting to me. I am on the East Coast so I would have to fly in.

Any Feedback will be appreciated about this? ???

Have an Awesome Day!

I plan on attending the event… it seems to me that it can be very beneficial just to hear the insight from those who are on the right side of the cash flow quadrant. You can never be taught too much. A person can always learn something new. :smiley:

I have seen your web site Wallace and read your bio, so it shouldn’t hurt your pocket too much to go ahead and fly out west to be amongst some other giants. :wink:

Maybe I’ll see you there…

Thanks for your reply and I hope you are doing Awesome.

I am no giant, just a little guy trying to learn all I can and help all those that I can.

I always say “Ignorance on Fire is better than Knowledge on Ice”.

I am making plans on Wed to go to the Expo.

It should be a lot of fun!

i’d go just to hang out with other investors.
but keep a firm hand on your wallet. these speakers are trained to hypnotize you into pulling out
wads of cash and giving it to them!!! ;D

Maybe it’s too late for this thread but I want to noify everyone buying anything from Learning Annex.

Learning Annex teamed up with lots of so called guru and sell their books and boot camp at their seminars and expos. Before you buy anything, make sure you need it and will not return. Even they promise a 3 day trial and full refund period; you will NEVER get your money back. I have been waiting for 2 months and they just ignored all my phone calls and emails. They still own me $5000 refund. I read some other thread here and some people waited for 5 months already.

So be aware if you want to purchase anything from them. You will NEVER get your money back, period…

$5,000.00 what did you buy a small condo, Or a used Mercedes. There are great books and courses out there for way less that teach you alot more! Trust me! LOL

I’m going to sign up for the 2006 April even in Houston, TX. I may try to go to others as well. Glad you made this post!

It may sound stupid but the Ron Legrand boot camp sells for 4000 alone. 1000 goes to the books. I should go search ebay before I made my move.

After I read it again, I realized that it could possibly be a book-selling event. I’d actually like to to network with other agents and investors. I went to some Kiyosaki events in Dallas and it’s always good to meet like-minded people.

Yes, I agree…

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

Happy Investing! 8)

yes, never buy anything with the intention of returning it.
there’s a 90% chance you won’t get back you’re money.

the host of any event gets 50% of profits. thats definitely gone even if the guru gives
you back his 50% share.

better to read books from the local library. or get an amazon visa. every month i accumulate
enough points to get a book or two on real estate!!! ;D