Is anyone familiar with Robert G. Allen?

I have started working with him on the internet and was wondering if anyone else was making any money with his no money down real estate program. I have made some money with this internet thing and I think that I want to move into the real estate arena.

Thanks for any feedback.

Much success.

Raushanah Glinton

When I was two years old my dad read he his books about investing with zero down. I would lay there and drink my bottle and dream of being just like him. You could give him a newspaper from any city in America and drop him off with only the shirt on his back and hopefully some pants and he could buy (tie Up) a million or so in property. He is the godfather of no down. The guru of real estate gurus. He the man. If you can hoop up with him then do it.

Good luck and thank you,
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Thanks for sharing your fabulous account. It has been exactly one year since I read Robert’s book Multiple Streams of Income and through my readings and implementation of Robert’s advise, I have experienced a true paradigm change in how I earn money (real estate, internet, stock market, network marketing) and have experienced significant success over the past year. I am really excited to expand my internet business to include real estate.

Much success…

Raushanah Glinton

Great books…

Nothing down… and creating wealth…

Read em’ learn em’… Read em’ again… and learn more…

Put it to action…

David Alexander