is anybody familiar with this contract

i made an offer with a realtor to wholesale a houses, but before the realtor tells the seller my offer he wanted it in writting he e-mailed me a contract called REALTORS/MLS RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE SALE CONTRACT he said he wanted my offer in writting , can someone explain to me what exactly am i doing ? i just wanna make sure i dont sign something i am not suppose to, than you…


With all due respect, you are not even close to being ready to make an offer on this property. Do some more studying, a LOT more studying, before you make any offers.

In answer to your question, by signing the contract, you are agreeing to buy the property.


ok, bother you should seek some legal advice on what your offering on- just to see whats in that contract, what i always do is put an “out clause” in there like - " this offer is subject to my partners approval with in 20 calander days of this accepted offer at the soul decretion of the buyer, if this condition is not removed in writing by 5 pm of the 20th day of the condition this offer is null and void." try something like that, if the realitor bucks against that clause put something in about approval of financing at your soul descretion, leave your self aback door always. i am a invest in canada and our laws about contracts are about the same, if the realitor kicks against that “NEXT!!!” find someone else, remember regardless if you are experianced or not " they need to sell, you don’t need to buy" you are in the driver seat. not the seller.
ps… do your self a favor and get some counsel before you plung in to buying a poor investment,
aligators can get expencive!!!
good luck! :bobble

Agreed. You’re about to step in it. If you don’t even know how to read a contract, you should think twice about making or accepting offers.