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Can anyone who has been to Anthony Minnuto seminar share with me whether or not they got ther money’s worth or was he just another motivatioal speaker. He said that he will teach you how to buy apartment buildings with no money down at his 4 day book camp and charging $5,000 for this. To some of us hard working people,this is alot of money. If there is anyone here willing to share their experience as far as whether this seminar changed their lifes and the deals they are doing that would be great. Thank you.

$5000 is way too much in my opinion for any seminar, bootcamp, or training materials. But that’s just me.

I compeletey understand where you are coming from. ALot of these gurus says that they want to help out people, but charging an individual an arm and a leg just to have some of the knowledge that you have acquired over the years, is that the way to do it. So many people nowadays are so many hungry that is seems like everything si about money. If you really want to help people, you find a way to make it a resonable price for them to have the training that you got. But at the same time, we will in a crazy world nowadays and so many people become so naive to these gurus because people are just so tired of just going through life and barely getting by, so people are willing to shed out $5,000 hoping that the seminar will make them to be the next donald trump. Anyways, has anyone anttend Anthony’s Minnuto seminar? If you have, could you share with us whether or not it is worth it and how long it took for you to do a deal. Thank you.

I’ll give you the best program out there for only $1020.

Send me $1000. Use this site for free. $20 for used books and overdue fees at the library.

I'll give you the best program out there for only $1020.

Send me $1000. Use this site for free. $20 for used books and overdue fees at the library.

I have to apologize for Rich. It has been a long hard winter. Some people just go stir crazy. He is starting to impersonate famous comedians. It is called comedianiwanabee. :silly

Thank you and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

But seriously folks…as Rich stated, don’t waste your money on those expensive “bootcamps” use the tools available on this site and the multitudes of information that you can find for free on the internet and the good old library.

Send me $1000. Use this site for free. $20 for used books and overdue fees at the library.

The empty feeling in the pit of your stomach…priceless

2 great money savers for book and course buying: and

Whenever you search for a book on Amazon you are often presented with the option to buy the same book used through their marketplace, sometimes just a few bucks cheaper and sometimes for next to nothing. Or you can buy them new on sale and get free shipping. I recently bought 3 good books (recommended to me on here) for $42 including free shipping.

I bought a 12 disc Carleton Sheets set on Ebay for about $16 including shipping.

Thanks for your comment guys. It is really hard to find people nowadyas who have a good heart and are willing to give back. It is like everyone something from you. $5000 for 4 days of a boot camp? That is over $1000 per day to hear someone lecture to you about the knowledge they axquire. Most hard working people hardly make $1000 a month and most of these gurus want $5,000 just for 4 days. Don’t they have a conscoius. I don’t want to slam Anthony Minnuto for what he is doing, but why charge the average working man an arm and a leg just to learn from you. I once heard of a guy who paid over $10000 for a Russ Whitney seminar. WHy are these gurus chraging the average person an arm and a leg just to be able to get knowledge? Has anyone been to ANthony Minnuto seminar though? What is your experience? Was he worth shedding out$5k for the seminar? How many no money down deals have you done thus far? Thank you all for sharing your post.

Some gurus charge almost $100k for their “advanced courses.” Many are into the tens of thousands. None of them are worth it in my opinion and most of them are full of crap. Most of them get you in the door for a class at one price then spend the whole class upselling you to the more expensive classes, the mentoring, etc. You could learn more in an evening at your local RE club. The club membership might be $100-200/yr for at least 12 good meetings. Beyond learning there you can also NETWORK, the most important thing you’ll need to do. And tell me what a course or mentoring by Whitney, Sheets, etc will do for you…they don’t know what works best in your market. I’ll bet the sucessful guys at your local club know what works best in your market and some will share that info for free.

Check for a club in your area:

Apparently, the moderators removed my positive post/review. That shows you how much you can trust the information posted on message boards.

Posted by DMILLIN

Apparently, the moderators removed my positive post/review. That shows you how much you can trust the information posted on message boards.

Dmillin you are right.

Especially those great posts that you have made in other forums. You know the ones that were word for word, just on different posts answering different questions. :rolleyes,15276.msg76017.html#msg76017




I dont know what any of my other posts have to do with why my post on this thread was censored. Those posts that you site were because the person who asked me those questions posted them on two threads so I responded on both threads with the same response.

The post that was deleted from this thread didn’t say anything that violated any of the posting policies.

My post didn’t say anything negative. It was my opinion about people who rely on message boards for their education and how these same people are against learning from seminars.

Coincidentally the same people who are against seminars and are for learning from message boards just happen to be the people who run and moderate the message board.

I go to seminars all the time and I am what most people would consider a very successfully investor. Thats my preferred method of education and it has absolutely resulted in my success. If i only relied on learning from message boards, I’d be broke.

My post was about people who rely on learning from message board for their education.

I’m not necessarily against learning of any kind but it seems that if you post another source to learn (outside of the website) and point out how learning only from message boards doesn’t result in actually doing a deal, then your post gets deleted.

Since posts (that are in no violation of any of the posting policies) can be deleted for no reason other then siting the relevance of sources of education outside of this website, then that just cause me to wonder, why read any of them?

I could understand if my post in any way violated any of the posting policies or was vulgar in any way but it didn’t and it wasn’t.

There was no reason to remove my post. It provided relevant information to the person who created the thread. He asked for opinions on this seminar and I posted it was great and not to rely on information from message boards for education because message boards dont result in success. The moderators removed it… why???

Minnuto, LeGrand, Scheel, Lindahl… they’re all same. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Just take some action! Guarantee you’ll learn 10,000,000x more and faster on the streets.

Still saying. The course was great in a time when others have different motives.

Hold on to your 5k and use it to pay closing costs on your first deal.

Find a local real estate investor group. You shouldn’t pay much more than $20/month. Maybe $40 if they provide you a long weekend type bootcamp that explains how to invest in your local market.

There are also meetings put on by lenders and groups that are FREE. Go to these and listen and learn. Meet other investors who can show you the ropes. Most groups have case studies that highlight different deals people have done. These are very motivational. These are actual people like you and me doing the deals and then sticking around to answer questions and help guide you in your real estate journey. They will also have vendor lists of investor grade contractors you can use on your projects.

Yes, the info on this website is very informative but you can spend a lifetime reading and never get a deal done. At least it’s free. You can also spend 5k and at the end of the bootcamp, you still haven’t done a deal.

Go meet local people and seek their assistance, they were all in your spot at one time and most will give you some assistance and advice. If you buy them lunch they will probably let you pick their brains as they eat their Chicken fried steak.

Most important, DON’T WASTE their TIME! This means be early for meetings and appointments. Return calls promptly. Also do what you say your are going to do, don’t make excuses.