Is A Real Estate Listing A ...

Is a real estate listing a good way to buy properties to wholesell?


I’ve heard of people wholesaling REOs off the MLS. TampaSteph is a member here, that’s all she does.

It can be done, but for most people (investors) it’s the easiest way to find properties for sale. Being easy, there will be a lot of competition.

I like to look at real estate investing as a big wrestling match.

Every technique for making money is one new move for my arsenal. I would say that realtor listings have been about 70% of my business…So it might be equal to a double drop kick, or a dusty rhodes elbow, or maybe a king kong bundy splash.

Are you wondering what wrestling has to do with real estate. Well as a wrestler the more moves that you know the better off you are in the ring. Too many newbie investors learn only one move and they get pinned by the real estate market everytime.

Good luck

I agree with Eric, learning different moves is essential, and also knowing when those moves aren’t working anymore. I believe that you should get good at one move before you expand in to others.

Which brings me to a question. If this is true then how did Hulk Hogan win so many matches? Let’s count his moves… 1. Leg Drop. But I guess he was REALLY REALLY good at it. :biggrin JK

I never bothered with listed properties in the past. When I started in 2003 to last year prices just didn’t make sense.

But the market has certainly changed. Now you can find deals on the MLS, especially bank owned.

As a newbie wholesaler, I was told you couldn’t assign contracts with bank reo, is that true or is there a way to get around that?

I have been investing my money in share markets.Now i have planned to invest my money in real estate, is it a good idea to invest in it.Can anyone tell me about wholesale real estate.