Is a copy of doc acceptable for closing?

I have a situation where we are finally closing after 2 months. This is the heir property I asked about before. One of heirs is quit claiming and sent fax of doc to Atty but Atty needs original to record at registrars or we can’t close. I don’t doubt quit claim is valid as I verified it with place where he had it notarized. But now he says he can’t find original and will not redo it. He is very uncooperative and quite frankly I don’t think he cares if the other heirs are able to sell house.

Atty says they need original. But is there an alternative? I can’t help but think that the Atty on our side should be able to confirm validity for deed registers office. After all they ARE attorneys.

He has had two weeks and we have even sent him a prepaid label. We must close this week.

Make it easy.

Don’t make the seller pay to get his docs notarized twice. Have a prepaid notary show up at his house instead after sending the seller a prepaid FedEx envelope to return the docs back to you.

Or better yet, pay the notary to send the docs back to you via FedEx. This way the seller does nothing, but sign the quit claim deed. Is it worth $100 to have someone else babysit this detail?

Otherwise, if he still won’t cooperate, then he be not gettin’ any money. Right?

He’s already been given a prepaid label. And location where he had notarized agreed to redo at no charge. No response from him.

That sucks. I guess he’s not getting any money.

Why didn’t your attorney send a prepaid envelope and request the seller send a wet copy of the document in the first place? Sounds like your attorney is a disorganized boob and has somehow ticked off the seller.

Welcome to real estate hell. Where a simple process of flipping a probate deal can be interrupted by jealous, angry, absent and insane relatives. I’ve done several, one took an entire year. One just fell apart at closing.
Get ready to be frustrated like never before. All real estate deals can have delays and problems, but probates are in a class of their own. Good luck grasshopper.

Copy is never acceptable. Otherwise I could sell every single house in my city without owning it.

I agree, copy of the documents should be accepted when we talk about buying-selling, it provides lots of possibilities of fraud. I have the story at my blog. Cutting long story short, my friend lost lots of money while renting because the situation on the market is currently complicated. And they provided originals for the contract, but later it turned out that the flat can’t be rented if ex-husband of the lady whose flat they planned to rent doesn’t agree.

Final closing docs need to be original and notarized. If they wont do that they are not selling it, not enough motivation

This is when you get the other heirs involved. They will have more weight behind them getting the other relative to cooperate. When it comes down to it, everyone just wants to get paid and move on…