Irritating the ss negotiator

Negotiator has been a witch at times, but has begun to warm up.

OK, Bank accepted offer on my short sale deal at the very last moment. Negotiator told me she would accept nothing less than 128k and to have a nice day.

I emailed offer of 128k to her, but explained that I could not get her a revised HUD w/new purchase amount because my Title Co. was not open yet(I live in AZ, Loss Mit. is in TX). Negotiator said that that was fine but get it to her the HUD on Monday. She also said I needed to close in three weeks.

My question is, did she accept offer of 128k as the amount that the bank would net? Or did she leave room for my commision as well? I am thinking I should send her a HUD showing 128 included my commision (5k)as well. This might get her pretty pissed off, but I think it might be worth it. I know this is more of an interpretation question but maybe some short salers have some experience w/this. What do you think?

Gregg- Tucson, AZ

She did not leave room for your commission.

You are correct. I guess it was just wishful thinking.

You never know until you ask I would put it in with the commission