Irrigation timer installation - in the backyard or on the side of the house?

We are now installing an irrigation system in the front and backyard of our rental property. We will put it in a timer, so we can have a higher assurance that the trees and schrubs will be watered properly. The easiest place to install it is on the wall in the backyard, close to the valve. However, I was thinking about installing it on the side of the house, close to the power meter. If I install it on the side, I will have access to it without having to bother the tenants. I could probably adjust/check it more frequently.

If I install it in the backyard I would need to contact them before accessing the backyard.

Any thoughts?

PS: If I install it on the side, I would need to run more cable from the timer to the valve in the backyard.

PS2: If I install it on the backyard, this would give me an excuse to check on things every few months.

Some tenants can get very territorial about you even going in their side yard.
I would put it in the backyard, and make sure to give them24 hour telphone or written notice that you are doing a sprinkler check.


furnishedowner - we decided to install it in the backyard. It will be easier and cheaper. And it will give us an excuse to visit every few months… :O)

Thank you.