Irate callers / direct mail

hello all

I recently started to mail probates consistently and received my first IRATE CALLER today and let me tell you she was pissed. I cant figure why she was so upset all i did was send a friendly typewritten letter stating how I could help if assistance with the estate was needed. she was cursing and screaming and saying take me off your bleeping list and so on and so forth. She stated a few things that caught my attention in which i would like collective input from everyone.

first she stated that i misspelled her mothers name and address on my letter and i should be ashamed of myself …I checked and the information was the same as scanned online …

second and MOST IMPORTANT to my post is she stated that my letter was crap because it was TUCKED and NOT LICKED … I found that a tad strange but the reasons I mailed the letters tucked not licked was because i heard that it would
Increase your response rate if it is tucked instead of licked…
SO has anyone tried the TUCKED VS LICKED method and what was the difference also
Have any of you encountered this type of caller and how did you handle it …??

Thanks in advance

It’s just the nature of the business. Forget it, and move on.

Or you could second-guess yourself, about envelope sealings, six ways from Sunday.

If the woman hadn’t complained about the envelope, she’d complain that you had bad handwriting …or bad breath …or something …anything.

It’s tempting to be just as petty and rude back, but as professionals, we respond professionally.

Which in these cases requires saying something like, “I appreciate your position, and I’m sorry I can’t help you get rid of your dead aunt’s hell hole.” and hanging up.

This helps avoid creating your own episode of “Six Feet Under.”



You Never dissapoint my man

thanks for your response really needed that laugh
today was a crap day not because of the call just felt crappy in general

I did apologize profusely for the misconception of her family name to no avail.

I was not beating myself up about it in no means :banghead just figured i was glad to get some type of response from my mailings do you find that mailing tucked letters is efficient…??

Nah, all the gurus sell the ‘magic’ formula for letter opening, but the true trick is making it stand out from the pack …the second, third, and fourth times around.

Frankly, a cheap, business envelope with a typed name on the front and a return address with your name will get opened.

What won’t get opened is something with a pre-printed stamp on the envelope, no return address, and a faux-handwritten addressee and a bar code. If it looks like junk mail, it ‘is’ junk mail.

Ask yourself; “Have I ever failed to open a white, business envelope, with my name printed on the front (or the name of my dead aunt), with a first class stamp attached, and someone’s name I don’t know on the return address?”

The answer is, “You open that sucker, to see who in the crap is sending you a plain, white, business envelope, with a first class stamp on it.”

Everyone else is bombarding these folks with one, cutesy, yellow letter, pink letter, Mary letter, in one, gift-card-sized envelope after another …that is barely distinguishable from a mass-mailed, birthday card sent by their insurance carrier, etc.

What happens when yours looks non-cutesy? It gets opened. Why, again?

Because there’s no ‘tells’ giving it away as junk mail.

In fact it sort of looks like correspondence from an attorney, or a service statement. People will open those envelopes …at least once.

Of course what happens if we’re sending the same, plain envelope every month? Prospects will catch on to our scheme of ‘plain-ness.’

What then?

That’s when we make sure that what’s inside each letter makes them want to open the next one, and the next one …until the moment they convert into the ripe fruit that falls directly into our net.

So, if we’re not baiting them with something they’re looking forward to seeing (even if they’re not interested in our offers), our junk mail will end up in the round file.

Meantime, the lady who called you about misspelling dead aunt Edna’s last name, and failing to seal the envelope in a way that respects the dead; will soften up over time.

As the family comes to the conclusion that aunt Edna’s old house actually stunk like a wad of used toilet paper, and the residual odor isn’t going anywhere soon, they soften up; forgive you for your misspellings; and insensitivity; and call to sell Edna’s malodorous hell hole to you …without considering anyone else, who’s been mailing them junk mail for the last nine months straight.

Which brings me back to something I’ve said quite a few times elsewhere, and that is to make people want to open your mail “twice,” and to mail consistently.

“Twice” here meaning over and over, and “consistently,” as in catching the falling fruit as it ripens.

Forget the sealed flap controversy. Seal it. Don’t seal it. Staple it shut (no actually, don’t do that). Tape it. Use red wax. It makes no difference after the prospect’s seen it once. Then it’s about the contents, not the packaging.

BTW, a mistaken assumption that the gurus fail to clear up is that we can rarely maintain a critical mass of conversion with just one mailing, or even three. People will call the marketers that cultivate a familiarity with the prospects.

The ones that do one-off mailings and cross their fingers and hope to die, are the same ones depending on gimmicks to get their mail opened. Why?

Because they aren’t sending regularly, and so everything depends on this one, do-or-die, opportunity.

This only creates panic, if not a scarcity mentality, when there isn’t an avalanche of conversions.

Haha, at first when I recieved a call from an irate person it wud ruin my day, it didnt happen often. But after recieving a few I got more offensive. One lady called me and in a mean nasty voice says, I’m just calling to tell you my house is NOT for sale. I replied, OH Really? Then why did you call me? I just called to tell you personally that my house is NOT for sale, and how did you get my information? I tell her OH, I know all about you. In a nervous and shaky voice she says, What, what do you know about me? I give off my low pitched evil laugh and hang up. Immedietely the phone starts ringing again, but I dont answer.
One morning I was looking over a house and talking to the owners and I get a call, at first I wasnt going to answer cuz I was busy, the phone kept ringing and the my sellers stopped and were looking at me as if to say, Arnt u going to answer that frikin phone? I pull the phone out of my pocket and say good morning, Rando. Well this is so and so and I own the empty lot on the corner of such and such street and if you ever put one of your signs on my property again I will sue you. I look up and my sellers are both looking at me, so I muster up a smile and say into the phone. OK, hey thanks for calling and hang up. Whats funny is later I txted the guy and said, how bout if I put up a big bilboard on you property you old grouch. He txts me back and asks how much you willing to pay me? And he signs it, Grouch.

Ha, ha…!!! It doesn’t get much funnier than that…! :beer

You crack me up every time.

Hey Marcel,

Nah, I don’t know nothing about tucked or licked. Sounds a little ridiculous. Anyway, don’t take it personally if you get to talk to some irate and pissed homeowners. You’ll encounter more, believe me. Just be polite, apologize if they have been inconvenienced in any way and thank them for their time. A good sense of humor can be one of the best tools you can use in order to be successful in this business. It’ll take you a long way. Don’t take anything personally. :smile

I just got my first irate call from a guy who I mailed about an upcoming foreclosure on his property. Unfortunately he didn’t leave his name and the number got lost in the call log. If I had the opportunity to actually speak to him I would have told him that:

  1. I apologize if the letter was sent to the wrong person BUT wouldn’t he like to know how I got the information in the first place?
  2. Each month I see mistakes in Title records, spouses who take out loans w/o their knowledge and in many cases with owner financing or wraps where the original note is not being paid and now the lender is foreclosing!
  3. Wouldn’t he like to know if this was the case BEFORE an actual foreclosure sale takes place.

I’ve talked to several people who had no idea their property was in foreclosure and if nothing else I can provide them with the info for FREE to help get it straightened out before they have to go hire an attorney and pay big bucks to sort it all out.

I met with a guy last month who’s home he had deeded over to his daughter. We’re talking a $650k home that WAS free and clear when the parents got divorced. He ‘gave’ it to his daughter as part of the divorce settlement but then the daughter went and took out a $350k equity loan. After a few months she packed up left town and let the property got to a foreclosure sale. When he got my letter he almost had a stroke b/c he had no idea the house was about to go back to a bank. Long story short, daughter refused to talk to anyone about the property and bank got it back and is now selling it for over $500k! House was in perfect condition inside, 3 full living areas, waterfront property custom home, over 6000 sq. ft and now the dad is living off social security. Sad story.

Forget about it and move on to the next deal. Every blue moon you will get an irate homeowner who will throw a fit for no God given reason. It tends to happen in this business.

As far as the lick and tuck goes. If the homeowner is motivated to sell they will work with you no matter what. Don’t fall into the he say she say of what works. But choose whatever floats your boat

Good luck :smile