Iowa investors

Are there any Iowa beginner investors out there? I don’t see that there are any Real Estate Clubs listed on this website. Just curious and would be interested in hearing from you. Gracie :slight_smile:

Hi gracie
I am a new investor in the Cedar Rapids area. So far in the past 6 mos bought 2 SFH and rented them out. As soon as I get my tax return back and pay down my HELOC I am going shopping for another!

Hello Garcie

Im from Council Bluffs iowa next to Omaha Nebraska. I new to investing havent done any yet but Im getting ready too.

Tim Case

My partner and I just started investing 5 months ago in the Cedar Rapids area. We meet with a group of people (7-12) on the third Thursday of every month at the Holiday Inn Express off I380 and 33rd. Feel free to join us!!

Do you live in CR? I happen to have the 16th off in Feb. which I believe is the 3rd thurs in feb. Where do you meet in the Holiday inn?

Glad you guys could get together. I am in the Ames area. Anyone out there in central Iowa?

The Proponet
There is a conference room right inside the front door (next to the TV) can’t miss it. The Holiday Inn Express is off exit 17, next to Burger King. We are planning on having a speaker talk about 1031 Exchanges. Should be interesting!!


I will plan on attending. What time? Look forward to meeting you.
TP :slight_smile:

Sorry…starts at 7PM and usually runs till 9PM.

Garciez…only a 2 hour drive to Cedar Rapids…would love to have you.

Thanks for the invite but that won’t work.

Hi graciez,
I am in the Des Moines area, it would be nice to get a group started in the local area. I know there are investors out there who would join.

I agree. I am in the Ames area. Would like to get started in a local group with small time investors. There are a lot of big timers up this way.


Like the hatfields, hunzikers, etc?
TP :wink:


Aren’t there alot of restrictions on rental property and such in ames?
My bro is at ISU and I thought about buying him a house for him and his homey’s.

Yes, there are some restrictions as to how many unrelated people can live in one house or something like that. The Ames market has become so saturated with brand new large apartment complexes that the older sfh and rentals aren’t getting rented now. On top of it the city is in a wad about where their growth is going and can’t decide what should happen. It seems to me that the big guys building are just doing what they want to where they want to and there isn’t alot of structure to it. Just my opinion.

I forgot Ev Cochrane. HOw is ev these days?


Did you have the mtg last night? I was planning on attending but didn’t due to the inclement weather.

Ev’s gone now but the company is still around, I think run by family.

How did your investors group get started? I would like to start something but not sure about having an official club. I know a few people that invest but they are into bigger and better commercial property not sfh.

The Proponet

A few of us were able to make it (10 all together). We had a good conversation covering a variety of topics from 1031 exchanges to the best way to evict a non-paying tenant.

Hope to see you there next month!! We’re still planning on meeting the third Thursday (March 16th), same place same time.

Darn it! I have to work that thursday. I work 12 hour shifts so I am busy 11 a to 11 p. Maybe another time, heh?

PS Are you a real estate agent? Do you do this full time?