Invoice MY OWN COMPANY for Labor

Okay, ya’ll I am about to purchase this 2bed/1ba single fam, to hold (my first hold YAY!). Anyway, because of ho I need to structure this deal I have decided to use a HML. My HML of choice requires draws AFTER repairs, which i am fine with, but this is the deal, since I have hired employees, (handy men in the family, including my husband), and this house neeed light rehab ( paint inside, paint outside, cleap up outside, light landscaping, and new kitchen appliances), I have decided to let my employees take care of these small things. Since this is what I will be doing instead of using contractors, I will be paying for materials out of pocket, and I have to pay my labor. The HML requires receipts and/ or invoices for materials and labor, so my question is how do I incoice my own company for labor, without the HML asking WTF? I’m sure it has been done before, but I haven’t done it so please let your wisdom flow.

And while I am typing, do ya’ll have any advice on how to get tenants into this quickly. Like I said this is a very light rehab, and I will have my people in and out in about a week. I really want to hold this one, but I am willing to do a lease option, or a straight sale for the right price. I just want to know how I should advertise to get some one in it inthe next two weeks.



It depends on the HML process. Ask your broker to explain it to you. I gave my guy a while back a list of repairs that were to be done. It was listed by materials labor and total.

Item Material Labor Total
Paint $350 $600 $950
Carpet $650 $750 $1400

I requested a draw. They sent out an inspector, when the inspector agreed that the repair was made, they cut me a check. I distributed it to whoever was owed. The rest I kept.

Thank you. I thought no one would reply. Anyway, that makes sense. Just one more thing I am not working with a broker. i am dealing with the lender directly would that make a difference?

No I would ask your HML will he take completion of each line item for draws. My guy would only give draws in $5000 hunks and the inspection fee was $100 (to cover the cost of coming out to the site). It was kind of cool. The inspector didn’t look for quality of work, just that it was done.

If you don’t mind who was your HML