I am an agent in WV with a very nice 300 acre tract of land w/house to sell. It would be a great investment opportunity for a sub-division. Does anyone know where I can find investors to market this property to?

I work with a group of investors and could possibly help you with the transaction.

That would be great. Tell me more.


Go to and click on ‘residential list’. Create your own demographics. Choose the zip code where the land is located, and then as one of your criteria, select ‘real estate investors’ (hint: you can also choose their yearly income as well to make sure you’re only writing to those who can afford what you’re selling).

The list is cheap to acquire and a great way to start marketing to investors in that area.

Be sure to write your own direct mail letter/postcard to ensure it stands out and really showcases the benefits of an investor buying this property from you.

Big Cheese

Have you ever tried posting it on your local paper? You could even try craigslist. Sometimes your town might have a local website for bulletin posting. Create a buzz for your property. That’s the first step.

After that, you would have a feel what kind of market you got out there.

If the property is a fixer-upper, you might try posting on They are free and cover most all states, which is great. I have had pretty good results so far with both, but don’t know too much about them as I haven’t been doing this long.

OK, I am dying to know. Is there something about advertising properties on Craigslist, but not on the other website I posted earlier that was edited out of my message? Of so, please tell me because I do not want to make any unethical decisions.