Have any of you investors every thought about building good business credit through Duns and Bradstreet?

I am currently using Dun and Bradstreet through another one of my businesses and you need to e fully aware of how they are going to assist you.

I was told you can add anyone that you do business with as a trade reference to be added to your overal credit rating. this is false.
You cannot add bank cards, foriegn companies, companies that are already reporting to D&B, companies that do not typically invoice you for services or items.

Every bank that I have talked to say they do not use D&B yet D&B says that everyone does.
I was told by D&B that when filling out a loan application to use your D&B number instead of your social. I have not checked into the legality of this but do like the concept.

If you put your social down they ARE going to use your social.

What are you trying to do?

If the company is new, has few assets and limited income, the lender is not going to take much risk by offering significant cash.

If you have a company with multiple years of good cash flow as documented on tax returns, ample cash flow and solid assets, get to know some local bankers. Even if you do not have the above, get to know some local bankers. They will tell you want they need to build a relationship.