Investors not serious about bird dog

I am loking for investors to bird dog for, but neither of them don’t seem all too serious to have someone bird dog for them. I know at least one person who gave me the impression she was serious about having me bird dog only to turn out this person stopped contacting me just like the last company that stopped contacting me once I asked about the properties they want to invest in. Where and how to find investors who are serious about using a bird dog? I could use some quick cash.

You have to find better deals than they can find on their own in mls. Right now they can quickly see all the foreclosures out there on mls. That said you need to find sellers that are willing to do creative financing and realtors with reos not listed

did you bring them deals? im guessing they are either not real good buyers or you were bringing them houses that were a waste of time and just made for more clutter. you need to bring them good deals not just every vacant house you see.

It was supposed to work like this. I was to bring them deals of whatever is is they were interested in. Once they were to give me all the information on what they are looking for, I would then use that information to bird dog those properties of interest. That was SUPPOSED to happen as we discussed it. I haven’t even started yet because this person, not me, quit contact between the two of us. I told this person I prefer to bird dog using a contract that states what services I am to perform and at what price I am performing the service.

This person was fine with using the contract and said she would look over the contract and get back to me. I never heard another word from this person ever again after that.

Some people are flaky…move on. If you start out and are having to pull teeth to talk to someone you’re trying to provide a service for, you don’t need to be doing business with that person. Ever do deals on Craigslist? Some of the most unreliable people are on there. I’ve had people not show up to take free stuff from me. Just a couple weeks ago, a guy gave me his phone number so I could go buy some tires from him. I called and told him the next dayI had cash and was ready to buy. Never heard from him again.
No business is without its frustrations. If it were simple, everyone would be doing it.

Speaking of the devil. I have an ad on craigslist right now along with another ad on I mean this person found me. I didn’t find her. She gave the impression that she was serious about having me bird dog wholesale property for her and now look what happened. I am in no mood for flakes. You’re right. It aint that simple if someone think it is.

you have to realize (and I have to remind myself as well sometimes) that this is a numbers game. You can’t get stuck on just one person or one deal. Try to get at least 10 people to work with and always be adding more. First have them prove to you that they can either fund the deal or that they have a good buyers list.

what market are you in?

there are tons of cash buyers out there. move on from the flaky people …

I am moving on but, so far I haven’t been lucky to find someone is not playing games like the ones I am dealing with now.

I am interested in mostly wholesale right now. I would be open to other types of investments to bird dog for. If I could land 10 buyers, that would be great. The only thing I don’t like about bird dog is I am depending one someone else to buy property I found for them in order to get the bird dog fee. With craigslist being out of the question, what is a more useful way to find people to bird dog for?

consistently let the world know that you exist and that your provide the service

It’s sounds to me more like there is something in your contract that they don’t want to sign.

While I would buy from a bird dog and be happy to pay a fee, I have never found one that will actually listen to what I want.

I’m having a similar problem but have realized that It is a numbers game> I am contacting every investor that I can. That way if I build a team of investors at least I can pick who best suits my abilities and who will help me build my investment business. I am just getting started as well. I have contacted 5 peopl and only one has been receptive. That one is farther away from my area than I care to travel to find properties.Yet I will if I must.

I’m sorry hear that. Unlike them, I am willing to listen to what the investor wants. The contract was legitimate and professional for bird dogs. I even got it from one of the posters here on one of these forums.

Is it a better way to find investors at a REIA meeting or REI Club meeting? I am like you because I don’t want to go to far out of my location to bird dog deals, especially if we are talking like 1,2, or maybe 3 hour drives outside my part of town.

Realtors probably know some active ones. Call some of the “for rent” phone numbers. Chances are that house is not their only rental.