"Investors List"

I noticed from a recent post there are several potential buyers and sellers on this board. I’m not sure if a list such as this has been created yet (and if it has - ignore this one) but if you are a potential buyer or seller it would be great if you could leave a msg on what your looking for, price range, area, and contact information.

H. Green

H -

this is actually contrary to the rules and intent of the form which is to provide an area for the exchange of ides, not to advertise…there are however several areas here where you can;

Networking Ads
You can advertise anything related to real estate. You can network and ask for referrals here.

Paid Advertising
You can purchase banner ads and newsletter sponsorship advertising here…

Free Advertising
You can post free ads related to real estate here…

Please feel free to contact me or any of the Moderators if you have further questions!


Oh, sorry Keith. I didn’t realize that.

Thank you,
H. Green

It’s not a problem and you didn’t violate anything…just wanted to make sure that you know where the appropriate places are!