Investors for the Bitterroot


I am a licensed real estate agent in Montana and have been investing in the Bitterroot Valley for many years. Opportunities abound in the Bitterroot Valley for all types of investors as it is becoming one of the nation’s most rapidly growing retirement communities. BUT, I have been unable to attract investors to the area with direct mail and newspaper response ads. Does anyone have another course of action? I would prefer to work with a small number of solid investors rather than the general public. I work hard to find good deals and then have to let them go for lack of capital. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You need to develop some investors/rehabbers in your area through the forums and call and talk with them and to see what type of deals each investor/rehabber is looking for and what range they are willing to spend to do a deal.Develop a list with perematers and then find your deals or even partner up if one can not do the deal.