Investors Buying HUD homes????

Has anyone had any bad experience with HUD homes??? Please write and share your experience.

I am a investor and a real estate agent in texas, and I can put contracts through for investors on HUD homes for FREE!!!

Please let me know

There is a hud homei would like to buy i would like help with the buying process

New to the forum here. 1st post.

Here’s the low down on HUD’s where we are (from the site):

Attention: In response to the critical need for housing for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has removed all HUD-owned REO properties from the marketplace in Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. These properties are unavailable for sale until HUD approves their re-listing in the market. Please refer to this web-site for additional information which will be posted as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience as we assist Americans displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

May be a while before they are back.

The one i want is in pa

Go to the site

Thats a good place to start!

I haven’t had any bad experiences with HUD, my problem is that I cannot ever get any HUDs for my customers. We have mostly given up on HUDs as investments. In NE FL, the majority of HUDs end up going to owner-occupants within the first 10 days of bidding, and a large number of them are bidded up from list price.

If you want to buy a HUD and live in it for a year, you may have a chance. You can then bid on it during the first 10 days. If you are not going to live in it, the bidding for investors begins on the 11th day if the property did not go owner-occupant. When submitting the bid for owner-occupant, you must submit a document stating you plan on living there for 12 months. If not, it’s a huge fine and possible jail time.

Good luck!

I don’t think i can help you to buy one in PA but i will try.

or i can call you…whatever ;D