Investor Website Opinions

Anyone use a template site for investments? I’m starting up an LLC for my investments (separate from my brokerage business) and wanted a quick site. I thought about going with Point2Agent since it’s free. I’ll just adjust the template, but didn’t want it to look too slick since my main target will be sellers in trouble.

Any opinions on the available products or solutions?

I am often asked if I know of a good website template for investors, so I recently started looking around to see what is of good value out there.

I just recently opened an account with to see what their site builder is all about. It seems to be the best out there because they have a site template designed for real estate professionals. It has all the feedback forms you need for collecting buyer, and seller information, and also has the flexibility to change those fields.

Best of all, I think you can get a site going for FREE and only pay $9/month for hosting. After playing with it for just a few minutes, I was able to get a pretty professional looking site up with all the functionality you need.

They have great support too. I called to ask a questions and they were very helpful. This is a great solution for anyone that doesn’t want to spend the $100 or more dollars a month with some of the real estate investing specific site hosting providers.

Good Luck,


Dee, I created a website of my own to list my investment properties, but had the trouble of getting lots of people to visit the website. I spent a lot trying to get the Google AdWords thing going without a whole lot of luck, then found a website.

Dee I am a Realtor with Keller Williams in Palm Harbor, Florida. I am new to the personal investment business and thought that a certain website that I mentioned earlier would be of help with your investment property website issue. I was excited to find that it met my needs (so far) but have been asking for feedback from others who may have used that website. I apologize for causing any inconvenience.