Investor Trainning Class

I am thinking about taking the investor real estate trainning in Cinn, OH. The only problem that the cost for this training is about 8,000 dollars. Do you think it worth it?

P.S: I have read number of books already, but I just want to have a strong foundation before I invest.

Thank you.

Might be…Might not be

depends who the instructor is.

Me personally…I wouldn’t do it, never did it, never will.

Am I missing something…maybe, but I know I’m not missing 8K for sure.

I’ll take my 8K and go buy 2 or 3 houses, thanx.

Just my opinion


I agree $8000 is way too high. What kind of quarantee can you be certain of you getting a killer deal?

I would spend money buying courses a few hundred $$, and read/learn from websites like this first before spending that much money.

You should consider join REI club in your area and you will find it well worth learning experience.

8 G’s is way to expensive is way to exspensive. You can buy some property with 8 grand. Buy a run down condo in nice area.