investor submit offers?

how do you (investors) submit offers through realty agent? I just want to offer the owner (mostly banked owned properties) a cash offer that fits into my rental formula, if they say no okay next deal but going through a middle man that tells you ohh they will never take that makes the process arduous.

If the bank hasn’t marketed the property thru an agent, you should be able to talk to someone at the bank about the property. If they are using an agent, you’ll probably get routed thru the agent.


My agent never say's my offers are arduous, as my agent represents me and I vetted / interviewed / agreed to work with my agent based on my criteria and my investment goals. 

You may find you need to make 100, 150 or 200 offers just to get one property excepted!

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Find another agent.
There are plenty out there and the one you want will provide you advice when required but will submit any offer to anyone.

I submit 100’s of offers to get one accepted. My agent has closed 12 houses over the past 4 years with me for submitting all these offers.
She will give her opinion as to whether my offers are high, low, or market but the final bid is mine. My offers allow me my profit when I buy.

I think she is used to doing things a certain way.
Gold that is exactly how I feel.
pete you are right I should treat agents like offers keep looking till I find one that meets my needs “a motivated agent”

I don’t remember which guru said it but ‘You make your money when you buy not when you sell’. Find another agent.


I don’t like to blame any agent but I have seen many times , a lot of agents simply are not equipped to deal with investor due to some reasons. My agent never does this. If the bank does not help for property agent , you can follow other agent which helps and suggest you.