investor signs

Hey everyone, I just came across this website and find that there are many helpful people around here. Here is my dilema. I am a new investor in the St. George, Utah area which is booming. I am interested in buying single family units and holding them for a few months before re-selling them. I want to put some signs around the area but am not sure if it is a wise investment. I have looked at various companies, 1 offering me a set of signs, an answering service, and a website. Should I go this direction and get the package or just get a set of signs? Should I even get signs at all? What would be a creative saying to put on the sign

I guess it all depends on exactly what you want to do. Signs are a cheap way to advertise, along with business cards and any other way you can get your name out there. Alot of people on this site use “I Buy Houses” signs, with just a telephone number on there.

As far as a whole package with website and answering service it again depends on your funds and what you are wanting to invest in advertising. I have car magnets, signs, b cards, answering service, website, plus I send tons of postcards.

My brother is a lawyer in St. George, UT. Been out there a few years. He actually handles foreclosures.

Good luck to you…