investor signs

I am pretty new to real estate investing and am thinking about getting a set of signs. I have looked around and found a few companies that are willing to do it for me. 1 of the companies is offering me a set of 10 signs, a website, and an answering service. Should I go with a package like this or just buy customized signs from a sign company? Should I even go with signs? Any advice?

If you dont mind me asking what are you looking to do what market are you looking to target?

I am in the Southern Utah, St. George area. I am looking to buy single family units in affluent areas, hold them for a few months, and resell. Many people from California are moving to this area and are paying top dollar. I want signs where, when people selling their houses see them, they will contact me.

I agree with the signs then be creative outside the box with them the more outside the box the more calls I would really go to the marketing fourm of this site and read there Ideas!

thanks, I’m headed over right now