Investor Needed

Hi Everyone,
I spent half my day looking at loan apps. on the web because I want to be pre-approved for a loan before I make an offer. That way I’m not wasting my time looking for the money after I have a property under contract. But I’m not sure if even a HML will lend to me. I don’t have any money for a down payment and I’m self-employed. Also, my credit score middle number is 585.
Since I’m new I don’t have any experience investing in rehabbs but I do have the experience in rehabbing. If I had an investor who would just put up the $45k and make 15% on his money, then It would be a lot simpler on my Part as far as the red tape of lenders.
So my question is would any investor be willing to give me a chance at making us both some money. I have a good understanding of REI from the information that I have gathered but, I could still use an investor/mentor that I can role model and accelerate my progress in investing. Could someone give me some advise, please, on how I should go about this? What are some of your experiences?


You could go to your local real estate club

Ask your Doctor, CPA or friends if they want higher returns on their investments with investing with you secured by real estate.

look in your local news paper for money to loan and call them

Put in an add in the news paper and say you need a Private investor.