Investor Looking for Philly area Rehabbers

I’m an investor in the Philadelphia Pa. area who is looking to find more rehabbers that I can flip deals to. So if any one knows of anyone who is a rehabber in the philly area that might be interested in collaborating with me and my company on some deals could you please put out the word.

what type of deals do you have?

Residential SFHs and commerical properties

I am in philly as well . What areas are they in? I am manily in Torresdale area as well as trying to move into the Mt airy , ChestnutHill, West Oak Lane area
Always intersted. Have properties but not done a rehab yet but planning to find on ASAP.


I provide leads to rehabber/investors based on whatever areas they tell me that they invest in.

I sent you a PM. :slight_smile:


I am currently investing in the Grad Hospital and Bella Vista area of the city, and would like to speak with you. I have a rehab project going right now, but I am aslo looking for new deals. Where can I resch you?



Would you be able to provide me with a list of places in the Grad Hospital, Passayunk Square, and Bella Vista areas.


do any of you guys invest in Camden?

I am located in the Phila area looking for a property to rehab: interested in Mt. Airy, Northeast Philly, West/East Oak Lane, Chestnut Hill. We are currently working on our first rehab in one of these areas. But I am currently looking for someone who is flipping.

This is my first post and hoping that I’m doing everything correctly.

I am an investment property rehabber and I also run a construction business (for 20 years).

i just purchased a hud home in west oak lane…but i am looking for more!!