Investor Loans????

Okay I admit it … I’m a newbie. I would like to start investing … flip some, hold some etc. I have my realtor license and have been selling property for a while.

I am getting ready to close on my first deal. I bought into some condo conversions and am trying to find a way to put as little money out of pocket as possible. Both of the units I’m buying have already gone up, but the contracts are not assignable so I have to close first. I was thinking of listing them myself to save on listing fees.

My problem is the approved lenders are telling me that I have to go with 80/10/10 loans and one is recommending a HELOC. This means that I have to put close to 50,000 out of pocket to close on both of these units.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of loans I should be looking for to do investment property?


There are 100% NOO loans out there. Start shopping. If you lender can’t offer any options you need to find a new lender. Tell your broker/lender what you are trying to do and they should be able to find a loan to meet your needs.

Look at what they provide you and run the numbers to see which one is best for your situation.

I found this lender and looks like ill finally get my first deal done

Good Luck

If you are still having difficulty finding a lender, I deal with several that will do 100% N/O/O.

How do i get in touch with you. What state are you in.


If it were me, I would call his toll-free number (877-723-4210 )


Ok the mortgage company I posted earlir is a private lender I did not know that till just know…Mdhass what states do you lend,also I’m one who has no cash no saving but good gredit, I want to invest in properties that are 4 or more units that are truly income producing properties. can you help?


Smartass … i can read!!! I just didn’t take notice ;D

Yes I am a smartass…been one most of my life. My dad is one and his dad before him…to top it off, we’re German! We prefer this to the alternative – being a dumbass…


Is seasoning an issue with your NOO deals…I have one I purchased in April and I’m trying to flip it ASAP but my buyer has been shot down 2x’s b/c of lack of seasing…Let me know…Thanks

Could one of you guys explain what NOO is? Thanks.

NOO means non owner occupied. In other words, you’re not living at the property. Usually a tennat is occupying it or it’s vacant.


If you look to the left side of the page, htere is a link that says “Investing Abbreviations” – it is a big help!


LM(smart)AO!!! ;D

I was able to get a N/O/O HELOC on my first rental property from countrywide. I paid for the property on CC and then did the HELOC.