Investor/Landlord desparate to sell 3 properties

Investor upside down on mortgages

  1. House1 - negative cash flow
  2. House2 - unable to get tenant
  3. House3-negative cash flow
    Where can I find sub2 investors out there that will take over payments
    Short sale not an option as investor is in financial industry and must maintain good credit

Investor willing to do anything to sell all three even at a small loss
Just tyring to get a feel for sub2 as an option. What are sub2 investors looking for?

Have you tried any of your local REI clubs?

You are going to have a very hard time finding any investor who will purchase an upside down house with a negative cash flow. The world is full of bargains right now for the investors.

Can you come up with enough cash to pay the mortgages down to where the price is market rate?

Maybe someone who can’t get a mortgage would take an over-priced house on a lease option. That would be a home buyer, not an investor.