Investor friendly sponsoring broker for new investor/ realtor???

Hi Everyone, I am an investor and I recently started pursuing my real estate sales person’s license so I can get mls access and other benefits that having your license gives an investor. I am looking for a sponsoring broker to hang my license with, any suggestions?? I am in Katy Texas. Thanks in advance for the help.


Most real estate offices are constantly hiring real estate agents so don’t hold your breath for a “we are hiring sign” just walk in and talk to the receptionist.

Just a few pointers though, find a reputable office and ensure they are located in a location that is convenient for you. After all you will be working on commission so they don’t worry about the number of agents unless they are short desk space and since you mentioned your an investor your likely not going to be at the office full time anyway.

just my 2 cents.


Hey J, what kinds of properties are you looking work on? Residential or commercial or a little bit of both?

Residential for now

Sorry I wasn’t more specific but with residential, single family homes/rentals or apartments? Are you looking for these properties in TX?