Investor friendly lease option contracts

Hello to anyone reading this post, I have three inquiries

  1. can anyone refer me to any sites that sell lease option contracts that are investor friendly?

  2. Should I obtain a standard lease with option to buy contract from a lawyer and then request that my lawyer insert wording or add addendums to the contract that will make it more investor friendly?

  3. Are there investors that have experience with lease option contracts that prefer to use lease options that are promoted by a certain guru/versed investor?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to consider and reply to my inquiries

I am currently using Carleton Sheet’s real estate forms portfolio. It has a decent lease option form in there. In my opinion, its very investor oriented. I will know this week if it is working for me!!
Hope this helps you, even if just a little bit> :slight_smile:

Thank you for your prompt response. I will inquire about obtaining the lease option forms by visiting his web address/site. Thank You.

The correct answer is number 2.

Does Carleton Sheets (or LeGrand, Whitney, Hicks, etc., etc.) have an up to date license to practice law in your state? Will he personally come to your defense when your contract is questioned in court? Is his contract even valid in your state?

Only a local real estate attorney can help you when you need it. If you like Sheets agreement(s), then take those to your attorney and have them approve them for state laws.


Thank you Roger. Do you have a preferred company/website that offer legal services that you obtain your lease option forms from or do you just obtain the lease option contracts from your real estate attorney?

Mainly from my attorney.

What we do is usually get the standard REALTOR version of whatever contract and edit it to serve the best function.


Thank you Roger J for your response. Have a excellent day.