Investor dealing with a wholesaler

Why would an investor deal with a wholesaler when they can go find their own leads (potential deals) ? Again I’ll appreciate if any one would get back to me with information or video’s in reference to my questions, thank you.


Investors typically buy from wholesalers because they typically sell property at a 25% to 30% or better discount below FMV and the transaction can be closed quickly in as fast as a few days. 


Unfortunately, that is not always the case (investors finding their own leads/deals). Many investors for the lack of a better word, SUCK at marketing. Many take the time to study and learn investing techniques but very few learn how to market to find deals. Much less commit to spending money in marketing and advertising.

Because of this, wholesalers fill this gap. Wholesalers likes the quick buck and with very little risk. They focus on finding deals selling it to investors and move on.

They buy from wholesalers because they are busy making money flipping or renting properties… they’d rather pay a fee for deals than spending time/money finding them…

In most cases investors that either buy and hold, or buy, fix and put back on the market for retail dont have the time to search for leads because of lack of time.

With that being said their is a big void to be filled by us wholesalers. We provide these investors deals pennies on a dollar, which allows them to get into a profitable investment.

Another source investors use are Realtors, once again because they are lacking on time.

Hope this helps. To your success! :smile

A few of my cash buyers have asked me, how do you find your deals? I tell them I send out letters to absentee owners and I recruit bird dogs. Their response is, Oh really.
But they don’t ask any more questions.
It wud seem that an aggressive rehabber or landlord wud want to know exactly how its done,
and then duplicate it.
However, they seem perfectly happy buying my houses and call asking for more…
Why ask why? it works.

Because they’d choose to do rehabbing and flipping rather than market and negotiate with sellers. Besides they know there are Wholesalers who’ll do the work so they can focus on what they really do, rehabbing and flipping.

There are people whoknow a little about everything, and then their are people who know everything about little. The latter is usually more lucrative from my experience.